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As we all know, the Skywalker family always had problems with "losing" their hands... In "Star Wars: Episode V: Empire Strikes BacK" we seen that in great gesture of love and generosity the magnanimous father (Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker) cuts hand of his son (Luke Skywalker). Next turn is owned by son, in "Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" we seen Luke cutting parent's hand. But skillful observer is able to see, that Vader had artificial hand. What does it means? Neither more nor less it means that Anakin lost his hand earlier... What happend to his hand? In what situation he lost it? You can see this only in "How Vader lost his hand"...

P.S. Some of you could think, that he lost hand in duel with count Dooku ("Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones"), but those who chosen red pill know, it is only fiction by lousy matrix...
P.S.2 To all hardcore fans of Star Wars out there, yes, this is parody, don’t take it to serious ;)

Movie shots from Star Wars 3d short animation

How Vader lost his hand - screenshot from short 3d animation.   How Vader lost his hand - screenshot from short 3d animation.

How Vader lost his hand - screenshot from short 3d animation.   How Vader lost his hand - screenshot from short 3d animation.

News about "How Vader lost his hand" 3d short

Welcome! It has been almost 6 years since I made this animation. I made little redesign of this website today. I don't know really why :) I have sentiment for this animation, was my first attempt for something with storyline etc. When I watch it today, the begining I would cut off, it really sucks. I wanted make similar scene to begining of Space Balls movie. But I kinda failed ;) Well, everyone need make some mistakes, was my first steps so... :D Anyway, it is funny to read your comments on YouTube (almost 57 000 views), many people hate this animation, some people love the ending. Yeah, that's good, I made this whole movie just for last scene :)

11 APRIL 2007
How Vader Lost His Hand is also available at YouTube where it has almost 7000 views! Another 5000 views on GoogleVideo. I hope you enjoy it :D

Site changed address to There is also new way to view animation. You can now see it on google video, but this version got lower quality than xvid version available to download.

28 DECEMBER 2004
Welcome to the official site of "How vader lost his hand" 3d animation. Today it is first day online for this site :) This is animation with totally new story from Star Wars (and not only ;) You can download it now!

27 DECEMBER 2004
The animation is complete!!! :) Uncompressed .avi file is almost 2,8 GB, after compresion to xvid it is 28 MB, it means 100 times less!!!